How long will Jared Goff be the Rams’ quarterback?

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How long will Jared Goff be the Rams’ quarterback?

Post by Cliff » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:45 pm

Fresh from a disappointing performance in Super Bowl LIII, it’s fair to ask whether the Rams will keep quarterback Jared Goff beyond the expiration of his rookie deal. Especially given that Goff’s remaining contract matches the duration of another contract that, once expired, could attract the attention of Rams coach Sean McVay.

Goff has one season left on his base deal, plus an option year for 2020. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has two years remaining on a three-season, $84 million contract. Maybe, just maybe, the Rams will decide after Goff’s deal expires to let him walk away — and to embrace Cousins.
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