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Re: Congratulations.

Post by Jordysghost » Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:16 am

S197 wrote: Where'd you get ultimate victory from? I was just curious what happens when the only reason to wake up in the morning is gone. I suppose there's a very remote chance there's another game in Lambeau this year, is that what people hold onto?

All I'm saying is this is the changing of the guard. If you think this year was a fluke, you're sadly mistaken. History is a good thing to hold onto, especially if you have no future. Packer fans will basically become the living embodiment of Al Bundy in a few years. Selling shoes, I mean curds, while reminiscing about the good 'ole days when they scored 4 TD's in 1 game.
Lmfao you win your second out of the last 11 and this is the 'Changing of the guard'.

Lmao poor delusional Vikes fans, you do realize every time one of the irrelevant loser franchises sqeuak out a win this is what they all claim right?

You don't have the talent to consistently beat the Packers, especially when Rodgers gets back to MVP level, you have no chance in hell of ever being the consistent year in year out king of the North. This is just your flash in the pan squeker victory just like 2012.

I mean comon, you had to beat us SOMETIME, lest you become the NFL version of the Washington Generals.

Also, what does home games have to do with anything? Our season is very much alive, im not understanding how 'the reason we get out of bed in the morning' as you put it, is gone. We beat you once, you beat us once and we both are playoff bound.
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